Setting Sail again April 18 2014!
Shiver your timbers with
our crew of scalawags
Aqua and Octopi
Come prepared for adventure!
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Tours depart from the Visitors Information Center at Gregory and 17th.

During our trip, you’ll learn how to tie a proper pirate bandana and wear an eyepatch, but the better you blend in with the pirates, the safer you’ll be. Bring your favorite pirate gear along, and come early to get your pirate tattoos.

This summer the Blood Red Trolley sails the seas of adventure! Our ancient map will lead us to a pirates’ trove of hidden treasure. Along the way we’ll face rival pirates, find clues, and learn the Secrets of the Seven Seas.

An evening on the high seas would not be complete without samples of pirate fare. Join us at 6:30 for surprising treats!

April 18
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Tours at 6:30pm